Do the Bunny Hop this Sunday!

Food, fun, face painting, prizes!                           Sunday April 9, 10-Noon. Kaza Family Centre, 1386 Danforth Ave.
Pay-what-you-can, all funds go to support East Toronto families

The dedicated volunteers of CareVillage, a Danforth East non-profit, invite you and your kids to hop on over to the Kaza Family Centre between 10 and noon this Sunday. At the first ever Bunny Hop you’ll find lots of good, old-fashioned fun and games to keep little ones and parents well-entertained.

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Local carpet cleaner uses green products

Garvin Pierre, the man I’ve hired to clean two armchairs and the carpeting on my stairs, has a question for me.

“What’s that yellow stain on your landing?”

“I think that’s cat vomit,” I answer, slightly embarrassed. When I ask why he wants to know, he says if he knows what the stain is, he will apply the correct cleaner from his collection.Inline image 1 Continue reading “Local carpet cleaner uses green products”

5 hysterical women – and a dude!

East End resident and real estate rep Nicola St. John hosts a night of comedy at her home, near Coxwell and Danforth.

Called Big Fat Comedy Time, the evening will showcase a mostly female collection of very funny comics — Sandra Battaglini, Lucy Gervais, Precious Chong, Shirley Whalen, Courtney Gilmour, and “one token male”, Todd Graham.

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Beaver Tooth Brand – All Canadian from Danforth East


Retro “Strong + Free T” available until Feb. 28 at

Over the last several years, every time Canada Day rolled around, Danforth East’s Kurt Breede would notice that “99% of the Canadiana stuff being sold here was made in China or elsewhere overseas.”

Kurt, who is a geological engineer and partner in a Toronto geological consultancy, also has a creative bent. So he decided it would be fun to design his own Canada Day T-shirts — something he and his family could wear to the annual July 1st festivities at East Lynn Park.

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It’s Canada’s turn to lead and here’s how we can do it


Open Letter to the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Great. It seems that we are back on the same page via-a-vis refugees. During the worst refugee crisis in 60 years, while the United States spits at the world, Canada will show some class, courage and compassion. We will double-down on your election commitment to welcome refugees from Syria and danger zones around the world.

That IS what you meant Saturday night, isn’t it, PM Trudeau? That’s what I infer from your tweet, just as I choose to believe that you are sincerely a man of compassion and principle.

So, here is my sure-fire way for your government to make good on your pledge: Rehire staff for our embassies and all processing points.

Make them permanent – with Donald Trump in office this crisis ain’t going away soon. Staff up yugely. Then invite Canada’s private refugee sponsors to spring into action.

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