Use wits, clues to solve puzzles in ‘Escape from the Danforth’

Image courtesy of Looking Glass Adventures

Your uncle calls. His message is short and anxious: there’s been a break-in and someone is after him. You are the only one he trusts to get to his office in time to crack the code.

Welcome to the world of escape games.

Local residents have been chatting about Escape from the Danforth, by Looking Glass Adventures, a family friendly escape game that opened last month.

Longtime East York residents and Looking Glass owners, Christine Hibbard and Jon Hoult, are thrilled to share this experience with the community.

“We started going to escape rooms in other parts of the city last year and had the best time,” Christine says. “It’s a great team game for friends and corporate events.”

Escape rooms are immersive and interactive adventure games that rely on wits to solve clues and puzzles within a set time limit. The first escape room started in Silicon Valley in 2006 and was inspired by Agatha Christie mysteries. Since then the trend has exploded with escape rooms all over the world.

“A lot happened between having the idea to open one and then actually getting to this stage. DECA was instrumental in getting the business off the ground,” Christine explains. DECA recognized the value of such a popular venue in this area and helped scout locations, finally securing the perfect one at 2200 Danforth Avenue, just east of Woodbine.

Bookings can be made online at For an introductory discount, apply the code DECA2015 when reserving your time.

This particular game is based on a popular and highly rated escape game from Australia, although Jon and Christine have tweaked it to appeal to locals and families alike.

The owners do have one request to participants when they finish: “Please don’t give away any secrets! The hidden surprises are so much of the fun.”

To learn more, please contact Christine Hibbard at

Here are a couple of reviews of the game:



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